Following the scandal caused by comedian Guillaume Meurice, Sibyle Veil reframes “all employees” of Radio France

By Léna Lutaud

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Sibyle Veil Jana Call me J / Jana Call me J/ABACA

In a long email that we are publishing, addressed today to the 4,500 employees of the group she manages, the boss clarifies what it means to work for the public service.

This Monday, November 6 at 3:19 p.m., Sibyle Veil CEO of Radio France , sent a long internal email to the group’s 4,500 employees. This letter that Le Figaro obtained and published in full follows the scandal caused bythe words of Guillaume Meurice

columnist for France Inter in the program “Le Grand Dimanche evening” on October 29. While anti-Semitic attacks explode in France, he compared Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, to “a kind of Nazi, without a foreskin.”

Sibyle Veil immediately and publicly expressed her disapproval but gave Guillaume Meurice a chance to reflect, recognize his error and apologize. Despite the record number of complaints from auditors and internal employees, he did not do so. Of which act.

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Flight of green wood In this letter, Sibyle Veil clarifies what it means to work for public service. It highlights solidarity and exemplarity. One sentence particularly puts Guillaume Meurice in his place: “ Public service is not available to individual commitments and personal careers.

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