Foods with “negative calories”: when eating would make you lose weight

“Choosing foods just to lose weight can't work in the long run”

Déborah Ohana, dietitian-nutritionist, is however skeptical about systematically consuming this type of food: “What matters is the number of calories we consume during the day and the relationship we have with food”. Indeed, the nutritionist favors a non-restrictive approach and does not believe that certain foods can to lose weight. She assures that selecting foods for the sole purpose of losing weight cannot work in the long term.

First, because whatever food you eat, it's the number of calories that counts. Thereby, "You can very well eat a slice of pizza every day and not gain weight"she recalls, because this does not correspond to all the daily intake that the body needs. Everything is therefore a question of balance between the contributions and needs. The nutritionist also talks about the importance of "Listen to your food sensations" : " It's the body which should dictate the food rhythm and not the head! »

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