For Dieynaba Diop, new boss of the PS in the Yvelines, “the municipal elections of 2026 are preparing now”

For Dieynaba Diop, new boss of the PS in the Yvelines, “the municipal elections of 2026 are preparing now”

In the Yvelines, the socialist party is still breathing and Dieynaba Diop is responsible for giving it new life. This 48-year-old woman has just been elected departmental secretary of the Socialist Party, a federation which has 334 members.

Deputy mayor of Les Mureaux in charge of international relations, regional councilor for Île-de-France, she is also close toOlivier Faure, the boss of the socialist party, of which she is also the spokesperson. Its mission for the next three years: to keep alive a formation crushed, locally, by the weight of an omnipresent right. Realistic, she calls for the gathering and preparation of the municipal elections of 2026, “from now on”.

What are your priorities ?

Dieynaba Diop: I want to make the PS visible again in the Yvelines by attracting new members. I also want to launch a territorial reconquest to no longer be an ultra-minority in the department.

What are your relations with La France insoumise, which seems to have engulfed the Socialists at the national level?

I have no problem with them. We work smart. I also want to emphasize the work of Jean-Luc Mélenchon who contributed to uniting the forces of the left, which is no small thing!

The municipal elections of 2026 will arrive quickly. Do any cities seem winnable to you?

We absolutely have to be present in certain municipalities. I am thinking of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. It’s still the city of Michel Rocard (Editor’s note: the former Prime Minister was mayor there from 1977 to 1994). It is a socialist bastion and there is work to be done with the local teams. I am also thinking of the south of the department, which has been completely abandoned: Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines, Rambouillet…

Do you plan to place mayors there?

It is possible, yes. But this will be done with the support of our partners. We must be lucid: we cannot do anything alone. Neither our partners nor us. We need a union of the left.

And in the Mantaise region, where union seems an empty word?

Here too, uniting is essential. We must rely on local actors. I am thinking of invested people like the former mayor of Mantes-la-Ville Monique Brochot or long-time activists. I also work a lot with Djamel Nedjar, the mayor (DVG) of Limay. But a ballot, in particular that of the municipal elections, is being prepared now, not six months before the election.

Mantes-la-Jolie seems out of reach…

We are indeed on a territory taken over by the left for a long time. But an era ends with the expected departure of Pierre Bédier (Editor’s note: LR president of the departmental council, local elected official). The balance of power is changing and I am convinced that Mantes-la-Jolie can be taken over. But we have to work now!

You are a woman, black, it is rare enough in politics to be noticed…

There are actually not many women to be the first federal. It’s a good sign, things are changing. My skin color is secondary. Being from the neighborhoods seems more important to me. I am a child from Les Mureaux, I grew up in La Vigne-Blanche and it is an interesting signal, a beautiful symbol. But be careful, I don’t want to be reduced to that!

Will you be a candidate for Les Mureaux?

I don’t know. Even if people talk to me about it, I don’t think about it.

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