For Emmanuel Macron, the fear of seeing the far right succeed him

Support from Marine Le Pen in Saint-Pierre-en-Auge (Normandy), April 18, 2022.

The blonde figure of a far-right head of government may no longer be a fiction. The potential election of Giorgia Meloni in Italy, given favorite in the legislative elections of September 25, which follows the victory of the right-wing and far-right bloc in Sweden, is working the presidential camp, five months after the re-election of Emmanuel Macron against Marine Le Pen. " On most subjects, we are more or less aligned”, we are reassured in the team of Laurence Boone, Secretary of State in charge of Europe, in reference to Russia – less to immigration and societal ultra-conservatism. But the possible entry into the heart of the European Union of a leader who admired Mussolini hits Macronism head-on.

She also recalls, according to a former adviser to the Head of State, that the threat of the far right will punctuate the second five-year term like an ancient tragedy. While Emmanuel Macron will have to leave the Elysée in 2027, ministers, parliamentarians and advisers know that history will be rewritten as a success or a failure in terms of the outcome. Laurent Marcangeli, patron of the Horizons deputies, is moved in front of his companions: " The extreme right in power would be a trace of shit. »

At the Elysée, we watch the boiling of anger like milk on the fire. Emmanuel Macron has retained from the latest study by the Foundation for Political Innovation (Fondapol) a worrying figure: more than 75% of voters in the legislative elections have behaved "protester". The managing director of Fondapol, Dominique Reynié, was invited to the Elysée, on September 8, to detail it. “We can make the happy hypothesis that it will stop, but it is wishful thinking, he explained. Inflation, if it lasts, is an extraordinary propellant for populists. It is added to issues related to immigration, intercultural conflicts, the lack of consensus on secularism…” Marine Le Pen has gone from 17% to 42% in ten years; the nationalist party of the Democrats of Sweden, from 1% to 20% in twenty years: a dynamic which, according to him, would result from the fact that“we did not want to take into account the erosion of the popular vote on the left and the demand for immigration regulation”.

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“Without unity, the extremes will prevail”

Supporters of Emmanuel Macron formulate two responses: political overcoming and government action. The hard core reactivates the rhetoric of the rampart. It is no longer a question of asserting that Emmanuel Macron is hampering the advent of a "lepenised" France. It is a question of perpetuating macronism as a shield for this ascent. “Without unity, the extremes will prevail”, warned the president in a speech broadcast at the Renaissance convention on September 17. The general delegate of the party, Stéphane Séjourné, hammers home the same leitmotif “ never to leave the keys of our country to the extremes”.

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