For Gérald Darmanin, “the far left is playing a dangerous game”

Posted Apr 2, 2023, 1:53 PM

Right in his boots, the Minister of the Interior and Overseas supports the police against “thugs” and “their accomplices” from the far left who refuse to condemn the violence. Guest of the Grand Rendez-Vous Europe1-C News-Les Echos, this Sunday April 2, Gérald Darmanin posed as a protector of the police and the gendarmes, these “security workers”, qualifying them as “people of honor” .

If violence was perpetrated during the protests against the mega-ponds in Sainte Soline and during “wild demonstrations” against the pension reform, they are the act of the ultra left, according to the minister. “There are not bad cops on one side and nice thugs on the other. »

Police and gendarmes “protect property and people, within a democratic framework. “They have neither molotov tails nor mortar fire,” insisted Gérald Darmanin several times. “The weapons of war are the thugs who used them. In an interview with the JDD published the same morning, he indicated that since March 16, more than a thousand police officers, gendarmes and firefighters have been injured in the demonstrations.

Anti-Zad Cell

refusing to talk about police violence but referring rather to the use of legitimate force, the Minister recalled that more than a hundred police officers and gendarmes had been sanctioned last year. And that, for the two LBD shots observed in Sainte-Soline, their perpetrators were sanctioned and an investigation was opened.

“There is no more transparent ministry than the Interior”, ures the first police officer in France. “A policeman who does his job poorly is individually sanctioned,” he explains. Since the beginning of the social protest on pensions, 38 investigations have been opened either by the IGPN, the police force, or by its equivalent in the Gendarmerie.

Gérald Darmanin, on the other hand, sharply denounced the “torrents of insults” poured out on the police and the gendarmes, those who “shoot in the back” of the police and push for disorder, these politicians who agree to “do chorus with the thugs”. “The far left is playing a dangerous game in our country,” added the Minister of the Interior, for whom there is “a reversal of values. Also, he invites the deputies of La France Insoumise to come to the field and spend a day with the Brav-M or the CRS.

Finally, the minister announced the creation of an anti-Zad cell. According to him, today in France, “about thirty projects can give rise to extremely violent disputes”, for example the project expansion of Lille airport or the Toulouse-Castres motorway.

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