“For or against Albert Camus?”

CHRONICLE – Sixty-three years after his death, the author of The Stranger is once again at the center of a controversy.

This article comes from Figaro Magazine

The more a writer is attacked, the greater he is. Should we unbolt the statue of Albert Camus? Every ten years or so, a pamphlet vilifies the author of Myth of Sisyphus (1942). We remember Camus, philosopher for final cles (1970), where Jean Jacques Brochier took up Sartre’s arguments against The rebellious man (1951): Camus would be naive, a sluggish pacifist, a humanist who is too moral and not communist enough. THE Meursault, counter-investigation by Kamel Daoud (2014) had the merit of giving a name (Moussa) to the Arab killed by the antihero of The Stranger (1942): a novel responded to another novel.

This is not Olivier Gloag’s approach. As the title suggests, Forget Camus (2), this academic from North Carolina aims purely and simply to erase, cancel, “cancel” the favorite writer of the French. According to him, by preferring his mother to justice, Camus chose the camp of the pied-noir settlers against the Algerian separatists…

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