For Romain Buros, the Blues internship in Capbreton “breaks the routine a bit”

“Romain Buros, how was the high intensity training on Wednesday?
The intensity was not that much. The training was a little modified compared to what had been planned at the base. Some had big games on Sunday, the staff thought it best to do it like that. But it kind of sets the tone for the preparation.

How do you live this internship in Capbreton, far from Marcoussis?
For the guys who have been there for a number of years, it breaks the routine a bit. Marcoussis is still a little daunting after a while. Everyone is happy to be here. The facilities are top notch. It’s really good for working.

“No player will be angry because he knows he will not play”

How do you manage the competition in the France team?
We are not in a club, so it is easier to manage. No player will sulk because he knows he won’t play. The preparation is different. For my part, I would like that to happen (a first selection). I give everything I can in the France team and in the club. When it’s been a while since you’ve been called, you necessarily say that you’re not far away. I still want so much. »

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