‘For Sale-Rent’ fight between MHP and İYİ Party

When MHP Deputy Chairman Edip Semih Yalçın shared the “For Sale” sign hanging on the İYİ Party building, which was moved in Gaziantep but the sign was not removed, with the note “The current point: For sale by the owner”, İYİ Party Deputy Gürban responded to Yalçın with the message “For Rent”, hanging on the MHP flag. ” he responded with a photo with a sign.

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'For Sale-Rent' fight between MHP and İYİ Party

The development that caused controversy between MHP and İYİ Party was the photo of the “For Sale” sign hung by the real estate company on the window of the building of the İYİ Party Gaziantep Provincial Headquarters on Muammer Aksoy Boulevard, where it was moved a week ago, by MHP Deputy Chairman Edip Semih Yalçın, saying, “The current situation : For sale by owner… It started when he shared a photo from Gaziantep with the note “.


İYİ Party Gaziantep Deputy Mehmet Mustafa Gürban responded to Yalçın’s post on the social media platform X from his social media account on the same platform.

In his answer, Gürban emphasized that Yalçın is a former MHP Gaziantep Deputy and said, “For Rent” and “We are Renting” in a building where the MHP Flag is hung. He also wrote the following, using a sign saying “50 percent discount”:

– These words and analogies do not suit you, Mr. Semih, who was a Deputy Chairman, a valuable politician, a member of a nationalist party such as MHP, a member of parliament, and even a candidate for the vote of Turkish nationalists in Gaziantep for a while, and whom I also voted for in the past. Social media trolls can make such jokes.

-But in my opinion, statesmen and experienced politicians like you should be more careful and tolerant when making statements about political parties that have mes and supporters behind them.

-I would also post a picture like the one below and get a response. But, since I am a Gaziantep Deputy, I found it more appropriate to make a statement to you.

-The formation of such images is due to the forgetfulness, shortsightedness or incompetence of the colleagues there. It does not bind the party. It is shameful to use them this way.

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