Foreign Ministry warned Russians about the risks when visiting Moldova

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation recommended taking into account the risks when planning trips to Moldova due to the increasing cases of discrimination against Russians. This follows from the message of the diplomatic department.

The Foreign Ministry noted that at the airport in Chisinau, Russian citizens “are often subjected to a humiliating additional screening procedure,” which can last up to 10 hours without food and water. “After that, citizens are often denied entry into the country under far-fetched pretexts. Every day, the Moldovan authorities thus prohibit the entry of 10 to 50 Russian citizens,” the ministry said.

Checks and inappropriate treatment of Russians by the border police of Moldova and representatives of other departments are recorded on video and posted on the Internet, the Russian ministry added. They warned that the emby is often not allowed to see the Russians, so the possibilities of consular istance are limited.

Relations between Moscow and Chisinau have been deteriorating lately. On April 27, Moldovan Prime Minister Dorin Recean said that a rather “long list” of high-ranking Russian leaders, including President Vladimir Putin, would be banned from entering the country and would be fined in the republic for wearing the St. George ribbon on Victory Day on May 9. According to Vedomosti experts, the Moldovan authorities continue to move away from the CIS.

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