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A forest fire broke out in Ovacık district of Karabük. Teams launched air and land intervention to control the flames.

Release: 21:41 – 21 September 2023 Updated:

Forest fire in Karabük

The fire broke out in the forest near Geren village in Ovacık district in the evening. Upon the notice of those who saw the fire, which broke out for an unknown reason, teams from the Regional Directorate of Forestry were dispatched to the region.

2 helicopters, 11 sprinklers, 2 water supply vehicles, 2 dozers, and 85 people, including 56 fire extinguishers, started to respond to the flames.

Later, as it got dark, helicopters paused their extinguishing efforts. The teams’ efforts to extinguish the fire from land continue.


Karabük Governor Mustafa Yavuz, who inspected the ongoing forest fire area in Ovacık district of Karabük, made statements to journalists. Governor Yavuz stated that helicopter extinguishing efforts were suspended as the weather got dark and said:

*Upon the notice received at approximately 16.30, the fire, which started in the Sailer District of Abdullar village in our Ovacık district, was intervened primarily from the land. Then, our 2 helicopters intervened from the air until dark. But they withdrew due to the darkening weather.

*We are currently intervening from land. Around 29 of our work machines and water trucks are intervening. However, difficulties arise from time to time due to the steep and rugged nature of the terrain. Hopefully we can get the fire under control and start cooling efforts in a short time.

*The pleasing thing is that we had no casualties. Our fire zone is not very close to a residential area, and it is not an issue that would require evacuation. Currently, our forest management teams, all the tools and equipment of our municipalities and special administration are here on the field.

*Our friends are responding to the fire in a controlled manner. The cause of the fire is being investigated. I think it will become clear in the coming hours. After a little more time, we can clearly express the areas affected by the fire. (DHA)

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