former Parisian Icardi buys the most expensive car in the world


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Mauro Icardi allowed himself a madness by offering himself the most expensive new car on the market. Seskimphoto / PANORAMIC

THE SPORT SCAN – Galatasaray striker Mauro Icardi spent 26 million euros to afford a Rolls Royce.

Mauro Icardi is often talked about, but not always on the pitch. The Argentinian international, who signs a good start to the season with the Turkish club Galatasaray, allowed himself a madness at 26 million euros. A limited edition Rolls Royce, produced in three copies.

The Rolls Royce Boat Tail is a gem. With one thousand eight hundred and thirteen parts designed especially for this model, it is the perfect example of the know-how of the English manufacturer. The other two models were respectively purchased, one by an industrialist, the other by the couple Jay-Ze Beyoncé. The vehicle has many accessories, such as a champagne fridge or even silver cutlery. Let’s hope this luxury car helps Mauro Icardi fuel this season.

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