Former Yellow Vest Priscillia Ludosky soon to be environmentalist candidate in the European elections

From roundabouts to EELV ranks. The former figure of the Yellow Vests Priscillia Ludosky was approached by environmentalists with a view to appearing on their list in the 2024 European electionsaccording to information from Figaro and of BFMTVconfirmed to Le Parisien.

It is Marie Toussaint, environmentalist MEP and head of the list for this election, who suggested her name to the federal council of her party, and wants her to appear in 9th place on her list, indicate Le Figaro and BFMTV.

For the MEP, Priscillia Ludosky is far from being unknown. In 2020, the two women published a work, entitled “Together we demand justice” (Ed. Mot), denouncing “environmental violence”, i.e. the exploitation of nature which “kills” and “enriches the richest”.

Marie Toussaint, a lawyer by profession, had previously made herself known by attacking the State for climate inaction with “The Case of the Century”, in 2018.

A figure of the Yellow Vests in green?

Priscillia Ludosky became, the same year, one of the faces of the Yellow Vests, a popular protest movement launched after a petition demanding a reduction in fuel prices at the pump. In 2022, she told at the Parisian possibly wanting to get involved in the legislative elections, castigating the extreme right-wing of the presidential campaign.

She then said she wanted to create her own political movement, “focused on the problems of the French, human rights and everything that revolves around social justice, particularly for access to services and basic necessities. Something neither right nor left, without a label, that anyone can relate to. »

Ultimately, the ex-Yellow Vest would rather see himself in green. Even if the draft list is not yet finalized. “The proposal that she join us was made to her,” said MEP Mounir Satouri, about Priscillia Ludosky, to BFMTV this Wednesday. “Internal procedures will now follow,” he added.

The list could become more precise at the end of the week. MEP Marie Toussaint is due to officially launch her campaign for the European elections this Saturday, when of a meeting organized at the Élysée Montmartre, in Paris.

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