“Fort Boyard” welcomes a new character

The production company ALP has called back Stéphanie Lhorset to play Mauvaise Pe. In 2019, the actress appeared in “Boyard Land” in the role of Pe Moilesucre.

For its 34th season, “Fort Boyard” welcomes a new character. A face known to loyal viewers of the France 2 game. In 2019, the channel and the production company ALP had the idea of ​​​​creating a spin-off entitled Boyard Land. Filmed on the shores of Boran-sur-Oise (60), on the nautical base of Lys Chantilly Beach, the show brought together a host of characters including Pe Moilesucre embodied by the actress Stéphanie Lhorset.

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It is the latter that the production of “Fort Boyard” called back to take on the role of a new character. “Everyone knows the nice Pes: Pe-Partout, Pe-Muraille, Pe-Temps. This year, there will be a Diabolic P. It’s called Mauvaise Pe and it haunts the catacombs.Guillaume Ramain explained to us during our visit to the set.

This new test “frightening” is played by two candidates. “Once inside the cell, they will have to invoke Bad P which will explain the game to them”added the artistic producer. “A candidate will then enter a cage in order to put together a puzzle whose pieces are in a transparent box infested with snakes. But there is a stopwatch which is the other candidate. This one is lengthened and locked up in a tomb. His mission will be to activate a joystick and keep it down so that his teammate completes the puzzle. But he will undergo the torture of the catacombs which is to support the presence of several snakes. If he lets go of the controller, the puzzle ends and his teammate is taken prisoner.he detailed.

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Meanwhile Bad P will chuckle devilishly. We are of the sympathetic character that Stéphanie Lhorset embodied in “Boyard Land”. “She went to the dark side”had fun Guillaume Ramain.

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