“Fort Boyard”: who is Stéphanie Lhorset, who will play Bad P?

We knew Pe-Partout and Pe-Muraille, here is now Mauvaise Pe. Actress and director Stéphanie Lhorset will join the cast of characters from the program “Fort Boyard” this summer, the production company of the show Adventure Line told Le Parisien on Tuesday, confirming information from Télé Loisirs.

She becomes the 4th member of the “Pe” family since the start of the show and the first woman, after Pe-Partout (since 1990), Pe-Temps (1990-2009) and Pe-Muraille (since 2004). However, little information has been released about his role as Bad P in the 34th season of “Fort Boyard”, which is due to start at the end of June, while the first filming has started in recent days.

A face known to the faithful of the show

She is no stranger to the world of the fort: between 2019 and 2021, she embodied the character of Pe-Moilesucre in the program “Boyard Land”, derived from “Fort Boyard”. Stéphanie Lhorset, under her imposing wig sometimes red sometimes pink candy floss, was then responsible for giving to the candidates the 100 boyars through which they could begin the adventure.

As an actress, she was seen in 2022 alongside Adèle Exarchopoulos in the film “The Five Devils”, presented at the Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival. A few years earlier, she had also played in “Paroles” (2016) and in “Undesirables” (2013).

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