Forty years ago, the March for Equality revealed to the French the crisis of the suburbs

This is the first major political outburst of young people from immigrant backgrounds in France. Tired, disgusted or outraged by the xenophobic remarks, employment discrimination and racist crimes of the 1970s and 1980s, some children of immigrants from a housing estate in Minguettes, in Vénissieux, launched a non-violent action, in October 1983: from Marseille to Paris, a 1,500 kilometer march “for equality and against racism”. A march that many have forgotten, which has become historic for others, which led young suburbanites to the salons of the Elysée, at the invitation of François Mitterrand.

Forty years later, what remains of the March for Equality and Against Racism? A look back in pictures at what has sometimes been called the “May 68 of young immigrants”.

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Karim El Hadj And Elisa Bellanger(motion design)

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