Four arrested in connection with Vinicius Junior’s hanged model in Madrid

Coincidentally, the police have just announced the arrest of four people aged 19, 21, 23 and 24 in connection with this news item. They are accused of a “hate crime”, a criminal category including racist crimes in Spain, said the Spanish police in a communicated. Three of them are “active members of an ultra group of supporters of a Madrid club”, added the police without identifying this club.

A group of far-right ultras from Atlético behind the act?

Immediately after the events, the name of the Frente Atlético, a group of far-right ultras from the Colchonero club, had been mentioned in connection with the slogan used and present above the mannequin, ‘Madrid hates Real Madrid’, as a form of signature. The investigation opened immediately and based in particular on testimonies established that these four supporters, “identified in matches clified as high risk” within the framework of “violence prevention systems in sport”, were the “alleged perpetrators” of the hanging of this mannequin.

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