four candidates play their part in front of the LR federation of Paris

Several hundred activists participated in the political return of the Parisian Republicans on Wednesday evening in the presence of Éric Ciotti, Bruno Retailleau, Aurélien Pradié and Serge Grouard.

A barge along the banks of the Seine. The Republicans of Paris chose the ocean liner as the theater of their political return, Wednesday, September 21 in the evening. If some joke with allusions to the titanic, Agnès Evren, president of the second largest LR federation in France (after that of the Alpes-Maritimes), can rejoice: the boat moored at the quai de Javel, in the 15th arrondissement, is full. Of the 850 people expected, the elected official estimates that nearly 700 activists are present.

"It's been a long time since we've seen so many people at a federation meeting», Underlines Martine, 73 years old, visibly delighted by the atmosphere. The presence of four candidates for the presidency of the Republicans would have aroused great curiosity among the members. Especially since the elected officials in question do not all have the same notoriety. Éric Ciotti, MP for the Alpes-Maritimes, may be benefiting from the visibility acquired during the last presidential election which enabled him to come in second place in the primary. But many members are still wondering about the Vendée senator Bruno Retailleau, the Lot deputy Aurélien Pradié or the mayor of Orléans Serge Grouard. "Our militants also know that we are in mortal danger and there is a strong expectation of a start on the right“says one of the organizers to explain the attendance.


"President Ciotti! Ciotti president!”. Before the first speeches by Agnès Evren, Rachida Dati and Annie Genevard, some supporters wanted to make an impression, but the organizer quickly calmed things down. There was no question of bringing the competition to life in this way. “II ask you to respect each of the candidates who honor us with their presence., claims the president. Everyone is gathered to hear elected officials who claim to revive hope within a right marked by too many failures. Everyone defends their ambitions with their style and temperament, but Rachida Dati warns them: “The only thing I ask of you is not to disappoint us. Preserve our unity! “, she throws to them.

Éric Ciotti, the first to speak, begins by pointing out the general situation of a "sinking countryand that must be corrected. To do this, he proposes aroadmap» and pleads for the «clarity". For him, the victory of Rachida Dati in the municipal elections in Paris in 2026 should be the first step before that of Laurent Wauquiez in the presidential election the following year.

He assumes his choices by insisting on the urgency of quickly organizing the LR party according to specific objectives, in the name of a "right that no longer apologizes". Fans of the chosen one from the south are not disappointed. "Ciotti knows how to talk to activists“Slips a deputy.

“We are in trouble”

With a more local fiber, the mayor of Orléans joins the microphone to also make a damning observation of the situation in France. "We are in a pickle, friends!“, he launches, praising his view as a local elected official on the “everyday reality". The candidate calls on activists to rally and fight. supporter of thepack hunting", he wants "put Macron up against the wall". He too evokes a roadmap to straighten things out.

When Aurélien Pradié, the youngest of the candidates, is invited to speak, those who know him well are not surprised. After thanking all those whoheld on", the deputy of Lot unfolds his lines of force: the republican promise, a right capable of embodying hope, social mobility..."The only right I know is the popular right“, he launches to applause, before boasting “courage and temperamentas the essential qualities of a party president who "must not be there to heat the place".

“The French no longer believe us”

Finally, it is Bruno Retailleau who brings the ball to a close on this hot evening. The game is not easy since the assistance is more distracted over the minutes but the senator knows he must surprise. "Tonight I'll talk to you with my guts even though I may shock you". The parliamentarian, who wants a "new party“, adds:”The French don't believe us anymore". He is betting on lucidity to better defend the urgency of a jump to the right. He promises activists not to see them as mere "leaflet distributorsbut to associate them with internal referendums on each major decision of a decentralized party. A real right, the end of the assistantship, a solidarity that must be earned, a response to Islamism, French people consulted on the control of immigration... Bruno Retailleau ends his muscular intervention by evoking a "civilization fight» and doing the «oath» never to betray the «values" and the "beliefsfrom the right.

Driven by this series of energetic speeches, the guests of the Paris federation seem happy. Tiffany, a 39-year-old Congolese girl, was able to take a selfie with her favorite, Éric Ciotti. A little further on, Betty, 78, like Karine, 50, or Gérard, 79, say they are seduced by "momentum""Ihas simplicity" and "authenticityby Bruno Retailleau who has just surprised them. After a glass of champagne and a fillet of monkfish, the guests are not yet at the forecasts but obviously, the campaign for the presidency of the Republicans is well launched. And the Paris federation has offered itself an enticing glimpse of the competition, while the candidates have not yet taken the essential stage of sponsorship.

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