four major groups will be convened by the government

The Minister for Solidarity and Families, Aurore Bergé, at the Elysée Palace on September 7, 2023.

The government will convene next week the four large groups of private daycare centers highlighted for their abuses denounced in two recent investigative books, announced the Minister of Solidarity and Families, Aurore Bergé, on Sunday September 10.

” From next week “the representatives of these four companies, Les Pe Chaperons Rouges, Babilou, La Maison Bleue and People & Baby, “will be summoned to my office because I want to understand concretely what happened and above all I want to have their commitments”, said the minister on Europe 1/CNews.

She recalled, as she announced on Thursday, wanting “change the law”by making it possible to carry out checks at the headquarters of these companies, and no longer just at each crèche. “Open your account books, to the General Inspectorate of Finance, to the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (IGAS), because I do not want to continue to have parents and reports that alert us”launched Aurore Bergé.

It will also bring together in the coming days “the prefects who act in the departments, asking them to cross-check all the data available” For “identify establishments at risk” and allow controls “very targeted and very fast”. “If some do not respect security, then they will have to be closed, and ume it vis-à-vis the parents”warns the minister.

Two books-surveys on private crèches

Checks will take place ” everywhere “including in public nurseries, said Aurore Bergé. A report published in April by IGAS “says that acts of mistreatment can also be individual acts, it is not the economic model that creates the mistreatment”noted the minister. ” Today ; 20% of nurseries are private, 80% on a public or ociative model. But we have a mive increase in the number of private crèches, so we must understand what their economic model is in order to guarantee that their growth, their profits, are not to the detriment of our children”she added.

Five months after this shocking IGAS report on the prevention of mistreatment in nurseries, two investigative books published this week (The price of the cradle And Babyzness) have shed harsh light on the mode of operation of certain private for-profit structures.

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