four Real Madrid players at the heart of a sex scandal

Four players from the Madrid club were questioned by the Spanish police after the recording and broadcast of a video involving a 16-year-old minor.

Scandal in Madrid. The Confidential revealed this Thursday that three Real Madrid players were arrested by the Spanish police in Las Palmas, and in this case the Guardia Civil, in a case which concerns the recording and broadcast of a video of a nature relations involving a minor. A fourth was also heard. The names of those interested have not been filtered, but we know that there is a player from Castilla, the Casa Blanca reserve, and three players from Real C. A priori, no player from the first team ‘is involved.

The investigation began after the complaint filed on September 6 in Mogan (Canary Islands) by the mother of a 16-year-old young woman, the latter having ured that one of the Madrid players had recorded a video of a nature before to disseminate it. Still according to this source, the main accused would play within Real Madrid C, and would have had a consensual relationship with the young woman.

Real press release

In the evening, Real Madrid published this press release: “Real Madrid announces that it has become aware that a Castilla player and three Real Madrid C players have made statements to the Guardia Civil in connection with a complaint regarding the alleged broadcast of a private video on WhatsApp. As soon as the club has detailed knowledge of the facts, it will adopt appropriate measures“. At present, no proceedings have been initiated by the courts.

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