Fox News weatherman attacked in New York subway

A group of teenagers attacked Fox News meteorologist Adam Klotz. The man stood up for an elderly man who was oppressed by young people.

Klotz said he was walking home from a bar in Manhattan at about 1:15 a.m. last Sunday when he saw a group of teenagers harassing an elderly man on a Line 1 train. More than 20 people watched the incident and no one responded. One teenager smoking marijuana used his lighter to set fire to an elderly man’s hair.

The 37-year-old journalist reacted and drew attention to the teenagers. In reaction, the group began to taunt him, and when he tried to change cars, the group followed him out.

As soon as the door opened, Klotz received a blow, the youth rushed at him and, as he fell over, started kicking him in groups. As the journalist emphasizes, he did everything to protect his head.

There are signs of a beating on the man’s face. He also has problems with one of his legs.

Klotz was taken to a local hospital. Three suspected teenagers have been detained by the police. Their parents picked them up from the detention center and they did not hear any charges. They have received juvenile reports, but will not be charged until Klotz files an official complaint. Then the case can be referred to the Department of Law, which deals with cases of minors. However, he himself has not yet made a decision.

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