France 2nd in number of expatriate players

This is an explicit sign confirming the quality of French training. According a study by the Football Observatory of the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES), France is the second country with the most expatriates out of 135 Championships around the world. France has 1,033 players trained there before being transferred abroad, only ahead of Brazil (1,289). Argentina (905) completes the top three, far ahead of England (4th, 535), Spain (5th, 458) or… Colombia (6th, 448).

The CIES also examines the number of expatriates by age group, and the French rank first for those “23 years old or less” (202, compared to 174 in Brazil and 171 in England). Brazilians are the most numerous for the 23-26 year olds (France is 2nd) and 27-30 year olds (France 2nd) while the Argentinians are in the lead for those over 30 (France 3rd).

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