France 5 offers a makeover to centenarians in France

Marie is among the 30,000 centenarians in France. June 17

Through five exciting personalities, the program “Enquête de santé” focuses on the secrets of longevity.

Their names are Marie, Jacqueline, Denise, René or Jean-Baptiste and are part of the 30,000 French centenarians, France being the country with the most in Europe. They offer us a nice lesson in life and enthusiasm on France 5.

The film Centenarians, the secrets of longevity takes us into their very rhythmic daily life. Marie, 100 years old, sets herself a challenge: to go down a zip line. “I’m a daredevil, I’ve always wanted to be out of the ordinary”, she confides. Displaying extraordinary vitality, she practices swimming every week and takes care of her vegetable garden. However, Marie’s life was not always simple. She lost her mother at a young age and had to deal with an abusive father. Difficult moments which forged his character. “That’s what makes me strong, it armored me”continues the one who celebrates her 101 years during filming and has the adage not to listen to herself too much.

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Jacqueline is 102 years old and paints every day. While she had placed herself in a retirement home after the death of her husband so as not to disturb her children, she ended up leaving her nursing home where she suffered from loneliness to move into a small apartment. “I didn’t like it. I sat in my chair all day… There, I found my freedom. I want to live again », she confides. She made a friend with whom she is organizing an exhibition of her paintings in Bordeaux, 400 km from home!

82 years of marriage

Jean-Baptiste, the youngest of the group, goes shopping alone in his small Corsican village. At 98 years old, he also trudges on the trails of the Isle of Beauty like a young man and also maintains his intellect by revising his Russian lessons every evening.

Denise and René, aged 100 and 101 respectively, are fortunate to still form a united couple. They are also celebrating their 82 years of marriage and still display the same tenderness. “You are so beautiful, I want to marry you”, said René to his wife when he saw him. On a daily basis, the latter refuses to be helped and shows a lot of humor. “I don’t realize I’m this age but my children are the age I was when I thought I was old! They are 80 years old…”he notes.

Despite their very different stories, these five centenarians, like all those observed around the world by scientists, have several points in common, called the pillars of longevity: they eat a healthy diet, exercise and are well surrounded. Not to mention their unwavering love of life, and their unfailing optimism.

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