France 5’s chilling investigation into TikTok

The France Télévisions documentary deciphers the close links between the favorite social network of the young generation and the Chinese regime.

Recipes, political parodies, choreographies between friends, testimonies… TikTok is a Russian roulette of content, as demonstrated by the France 5 investigation, broadcast this Sunday, December 3.

TikTok it’s one more step towards artificial intelligence. Its algorithm is complex and has the sole purpose of keeping its users in front of their screens for ever longer. One video leads to the next and the hours p. Containment played a key role in the success of TikTok. Locked up, what else can you do other than “scroll” or put yourself on stage?

Algorithms enter the geopolitical scene

Behind this social network popular with young people, a war of images is being waged. Like Facebook or X (formerly Twitter), TikTok is accused of collecting our personal data, from our favorite color to our orientation to our postal address. One difference though. The platform is suspected of transmitting them to the Chinese regime. Or when algorithms enter the geopolitical scene.

Propaganda videos are legion, such as those denying the genocidal nature of the deportation of the Uighurs. Worse, China censors content that bothers it by limiting its distribution. A sneaky but effective method that makes everyone who created a profile unconscious accomplices. Maybe a little less after seeing this documentary…

However, some users are resisting. Like these mothers who film themselves crying in silence, holding a photo of their kidnapped loved ones. Or these influencers who, between two sequences of a makeup tutorial, bear witness to the horrors committed by the regime.

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