“France still far from the mark”

Gaëtan de Capele. Le Figaro

France’s industry has been ruined by years of ideological sabotage.

And now industrial fireworks. In a hurry to get out of the endless soap opera of pension reform – threatened with cancellation in the National embly next June 8 -, Emmanuel Macron goes back on stage to do what he does best: talk to companies. If he has much to be forgiven elsewhere, the Head of State shows a certain constancy towards them, moreover unforgivable in the eyes of the left. Lower taxation, relaxation of labor regulations, reductions in charges… the environment has objectively improved in a few years. And it finally shows in the statistics. For the fourth consecutive year, France ranks as follows at the forefront of European attractiveness for investors. Important projects in industries of the future will soon see the light of day in our territory, creating thousands of jobs. The dizzying fall in the manufacturing sector has finally come to a halt. Overwhelmed with all ills…

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