Franchise specialized in milkshake arrives in Porto Alegre with 35 flavors and stuffed rim

Milky Moo, a milkshake franchise, arrived in Porto Alegre in February bringing more than 30 brand flavors. Rio Grande do Sul was the only state that still did not have a headquarters for the enterprise. Pedro Henrique Andrade, 27 years old, from Goiás, is the name behind the business, which is located at Bourbon Shopping Wallig, in the North Zone.

With a denser texture, the milkshake can be eaten with a spoon, just like ice cream.. The products have a stuffed border and sweets, depending on the chosen flavor. The most popular flavors, according to Pedro, are Malhada – with Leite Ninho brigadeiro, Oreo biscuits and Leite Ninho powder -, Mimosa – with Leite Ninho brigadeiro, strawberry syrup and Leite Ninho powder -, and Pandora – with with Leite Ninho brigadeiro, Nutella and Leite Ninho powder. “In addition to being the only state that was missing, I don’t see any similar or equal product here, it’s a really cool novelty and people like it a lot”, explains the entrepreneur, who already owns two other Milky Moo franchises in Goiás.


The product is good, the ingredients are good, so you can’t go wrong, besides the thematic store that draws a lot of attention”, he points out about the decoration of the store, which is all made with a cow print. The business has four people on the team and had an investment of R$ 400 thousand. Pedro’s only fear with the State was the question of the cold in the southern region during the winter. However, the entrepreneur claims that, even with falling sales, it remains at a good standard, as the product seeks to be more than just a milkshake, but a dessert that offers a complete experience to customers.

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