Franck Dumas, former coach of Caen, sentenced to one year in prison for tax evasion

Already tried several times in this case of tax evasion, Franck Dumas, the former coach of SM Caen, was sentenced to two years in prison on appeal, including one year. Currently residing abroad, his sentence cannot be adjusted and the former AS Monaco player remains liable for 139,579 euros, excluding penalties.

“The deliberate desire to evade its tax obligations, the absence of settlement of this debt for almost ten years, its presence abroad prohibiting any measure of forced execution” render “inevitable imprisonment”can we read in the decision of the court of appeal, consulted by AFP.

Dumas will go to cassation

In 2015, the Public Treasury demanded, in respect of income taxes for 2011 and 2012, the total sum of 535,472 euros from anyone who has been coaching in Africa since 2014. Dumas, without a club since October 2022 and the end of his collaboration with the Tout Puissant Mazembe (DRC), made it known a year later before the criminal court that he was “Addicted to gambling and unable to pay taxes”. 300,000 euros were recovered, but “never voluntarily”.

Deserting the hearings since the first instance, Dumas disputes the taxable aspect of an indemnity of 430,000 euros which was paid by SM Caen in 2012, when he was dismissed following the club’s descent into Ligue 2. His lawyer Philippe Veber told AFP that he and his client will go to cassation, saying that ” the intention to defraud the tax authorities is not characterized, there is no account abroad, no money hidden in a safe” and that his “client thought that the settlement indemnity was not taxable in the context of unfair dismissal”.

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