François Pervis came close to quadriplegia after his accident during his record attempt

A world record attempt that could have turned into a tragedy. On the night of Friday to last Saturday in Nevada (United States), François Pervis tried the world speed record on a recumbent bike. But launched at 130 km / h, the former multi-world track champion saw his tire burst. " The bike and tires were flawless, so we're thinking a small pebble in the road. I slid on the road for a long time like a top before ending up with a few barrels on the side “, Details the Frenchman on his Facebook page.

Before giving some rather reassuring news: “ I came close to quadriplegia for a few millimeters. But don't panic, luckily it didn't happen and everything will be fine very quickly. ". He suffered from a depression of a cervical vertebra and a slight pulmonary hemorrhage. During this interrupted US session, he still broke the world record for this type of machine over four kilometers with a peak of 112 km/h.

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