Françoise Laborde reveals that she adopted her two sons

VIDEO – Guest of “It starts today” on France 2, the former journalist also confided that she had voice problems when they arrived.

“Life without a voice.” Wednesday, in a new issue of “It starts today” on France 2, Faustine Bollaert looked at these people who, because of a medical problem or psychological shock, have lost their voice. To talk about it, the host received in particular Françoise Laborde . The former journalist also experienced vocal problems. “For twenty years I took medication, beta blockers because I couldn’t speak without taking medication”she revealed for the first time considering that “it was something shameful” particularly because of his profession.

Problems that began in 1993. A year marked by “the arrival” of her first child. “I’ve never said it publicly, but my children are both adopted because I could never…”, she revealed. A confession that the host of “It starts today” probably did not expect.

“I didn’t want my children to be reduced to the status of adopted children”

François Laborde in “It starts today” on France 2

Françoise Laborde never hid having two children but always said she had adopted them. “Because it’s their story and not mine. I didn’t want my children to be reduced to the status of adopted children. These are my children. I have noticed that parents who adopt often say: “My adopted son” Or “I adopted my son”or tell their stories: “I went to such and such a country”. I talked about everything, Alzheimer’s, all the family secrets but not adoption because it’s their story. And they say it if they want to say it. So before doing the show, I told them: “My darlings, mom is going to say that you were adopted”»she added.

If the former France 2 journalist wanted to make this revelation, it is because her two boys are now adults. “They agree. The eldest turned 30 this year, and the other turned 27 so they are big boys. They know their history, they have always known it, it has never been a taboo between us. They are proud to be my children, they are proud that I am their mother and I think I can say that today”she boasted.

To return to the main subject of the show, Françoise Laborde confided that she had fought a long battle to become a mother. “From years of in vitro fertilization, I received more hormones intramuscularly than a show cow. And ultimately, I will have children. So when my son arrived, I was so upset, so emotional, I was just emotional and I couldn’t speak anymore.”explained the former member of the Superior Audiovisual Council.

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