Frankfurt election to the second round

Frankfurt election to the second round

In Frankfurt, the financial center of Europe, no candidate found the required 50 percent limit in the first round of the Metropolitan Municipality election. On March 26, the Christian Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Party will run for mayor again.

Frankfurt election to the second round

After Peter Feldmann, the “Turks’ brother-in-law”, from the Social Democrat Party, whose marriage to the Turkish girl Zübeyde cost him the presidency, was dismissed “by popular vote”, ballot boxes were set up for more than 500 thousand Frankfurters.


Turnout in the election exceeded 40 percent. The Christian Democratic Party made a big break in the election and Uwe Becker got about 34.5 percent of the vote.

Uwe Becker with CDU

Mike Josef, the candidate of the SPD, took the second place and managed to get 24 percent of the votes. Dr., who the Greens had great hopes for and had specially brought from Berlin. Manuela Rottmann received 21.3 percent of the vote, and Peter Wirth, a well-known citizen of Frankfurt, made the biggest surprise. Wirth entered the election as an independent and received 5.1 percent of the vote.

Liberal Party’s Yankı Pürsün, the only candidate of Turkish origin in the election, remained at 2.8 percent. It is thought that the majority of voters of Turkish origin did not vote for Pürsün by acting tactically in order not to drop the SPD’s votes.

Mike Josef of SPD

Since no candidate could exceed 50 percent in the election, the ballot box will be held again on 26 March. Frankfurters will elect CDU’s Uwe Becker or SPD’s Mike Josef as president on 26 March.

After the German brother-in-law in Frankfurt, the Turkish wife was also punishedYou may be interestedAfter the German brother-in-law in Frankfurt, the Turkish wife was also punished

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