Fraudsters began calling people under the guise of mobile operators

Telephone scammers began calling residents under the guise of mobile operators with an offer to renew an expiring contract for a telephone number. Honored Lawyer of Russia Ivan Solovyov told the Prime agency about this.

At the beginning of the telephone conversation, the fraudster, introducing himself as an employee of the subscriber service department of a cellular operator, informs that the user agreement with the cellular company is ending. After that, he asks whether the person will renew it.

“The manager distracts the interlocutor with an abundance of technical details, then clarifies for how long the client wants to extend the contract. Next, an SMS with a code is sent to the client’s number, which must be entered in order to “confirm to the system that the user agreement has been extended for a new period,” Soloviev said.

Clicking on the link will allow the fraudster to enter the victims’ personal account on State Services, the lawyer explained. In addition, the attacker may ask you to deposit a small amount into your phone account through the “office”, and then all the funds from the account will be stolen.

In mid-September, VTB reported on a scheme where scammers offer to insure or repair a client’s smartphone. Other popular methods include trying to convince them that they are trying to get a loan for you. To save funds, scammers offer to apply for a loan on their own “to exhaust the credit potential” and transfer the money “to a safe account.”

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