French company Quandela raises 50 million euros to export its machines

The French company, well placed in the race for the quantum computer, is giving itself the means to accelerate its development on a global scale.

Quandela is giving itself the means to accelerate its international development. The French company, well placed in the global race for quantum computers, has just raised 50 million euros from investors, the French State as part of the France 2030 Plan and banking partners. Serena, Crédit Mutuel Innovation and the European Innovation Council take a stake in its capital, joining its historic investors, Bpifrance1, OMNES Capital and Quantonation.

Coming from a CNRS research center, Quellela is developing a quantum computer based on photonic processors. These particles of light – photons – are used to process data and carry out calculations.

This capital increase will allow Quellela to accelerate its international development and increase the production of its quantum machines. In June, the company inaugurated its first embly plant next to its headquarters in My. It will thus be able to supply machines directly, like the one delivered last March to OVHcloud, the first private company in Europe to have equipped itself with a quantum system and its software suite. This is the first European quantum computer purchased and hosted by an industrial customer. Quandela has already launched the production of three new machines within its factory for deliveries planned for 2024.

Cloud access

Since the end of 2022, Quellela is also the first player in the European Union – and one of the few in the world – to also offer access via the cloud to two of its first quantum systems: one with two qbits (l ‘quantum information processing unit), the other at 6 qbits, thus allowing access for scientists and industrialists. It hopes to double this capacity each year by 2025.

This fundraising will allow the French company to accelerate its growth and support its international expansion. Already established in Germany, it wishes to consolidate its position on the North American and Asian markets. By strengthening its teams, it will be able to expand its presence on the global stage, with the objective of supporting a growing number of manufacturers in the use of quantum computing to solve ever more complex use cases. “This investment reflects our confidence in their ability to drive meaningful change and drive innovation across the global technology landscape. » says Svetoslava Georgieva, President of the Board of Directors of the European Innovation Council (EIC). “ The choice of photonics, combined with a full stack quantum architecture is the most promising approach we have seen to date » Floriane de Maupeou, partner of the Serena fund.

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