Frenchman Adam Siao Him Fa in the lead after the short program at the European Championships

It’s hard to imagine a better start for Adam Siao Him Fa. At 21, the Frenchman performed a superb program on Wednesday evening in Espoo (Finland) at the European Championships, succeeding in his three jumping elements (quadruple toe loop -triple toe loop, triple axel and quadruple salchow), all improved, and obtaining levels 4 for steps and pirouettes. Credited with 96.53 points, nearly six points better than his record set at the 2022 Worlds (8th), he is ten ahead of his current runner-up, the Italian Matteo Rizzo (86.46 pts) .

“Trust Me and Blow”

During the six minutes (warm-up on the ice), I was stressedadmits Adam Siao Him Fa. I was still a little bit going up the track, I felt limp, like I had no legs. But gradually, it came back, I managed to get back into it. The words I said to myself were: trust me and breathe. »

The young man managed to evacuate the hassles of last week, with new skates to adopt and problems with the ice. ” I have to learn to deal with the unexpected. Finally, it helped me a lot by putting me another stress “, he underlines, aware that these adventures have removed the pressure of a new status to assume, the objective set to aim not only for a first European medal but squarely for the title, which no Frenchman has more. obtained since the coronation of Florent Amodio in 2011.

That year, another Blue accompanied him on the 2nd step of the podium, in this case Brian Joubert. And this kind of double remains a possibility in Espoo, as Kévin Aymoz has the talent to also invite himself among the medalists. But, the 25-year-old failed at the very end of his short program by simplifying what should have been a triple axel.

“I’m a little disgusted. But we’ll be ready for Friday.”

Kevin Aymoz, 4th in the short program

I was there, I was fine… But I slipped into a hole, and it was impossible to jump. It happens, the fault is bad luckreacts Aymoz who displays the best artistic components but must be satisfied with the provisional 4th place (83.75 pts). I’m a little disgusted. But we’ll be ready for Friday. For the moment, he is overtaken by last winter’s European bronze medalist, Latvian Deniss Vasiljevs, while the Italian favorite and 2022 European vice-champion, Daniel Grassl, has completely lost his way (8th , 77.03 pts).

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