Frightening image in front of heavily damaged buildings

Frightening image in front of heavily damaged buildings

In Elazig, which was affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes, the AKP municipality’s condoning the establishment of street markets among the heavily damaged buildings and not taking any measures invites disaster.

Frightening image in front of heavily damaged buildings

Elazig was also affected by the earthquakes that occurred in Kahramanmaraş on February 6th. In the damage assessment studies carried out after the earthquakes, it was determined that 4,636 buildings were heavily damaged.

As the process begins for the demolition of these buildings, the establishment of neighborhood markets between heavily damaged buildings at many points in the province creates a danger.

The AKP’s Elazig Municipality gave permission to the neighborhood markets where hundreds of market sellers and thousands of citizens shop every day, and they did not take any measures.

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In Akpınar Neighborhood, one of the neighborhoods heavily damaged in the earthquake, it was noteworthy that thousands of citizens risked their lives and did not take any precautions in the damaged buildings while shopping at the neighborhood markets set up at the weekend in front of the heavily damaged 7-8-storey buildings. The market, where thousands of people shopped, remained open despite the danger.

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Ilhan Karakaş, President of Elazig Marketers’ Association, stated that they met with the authorities regarding the establishment of neighborhood markets and continued his words as follows;

*There are many heavily damaged buildings in the city and unfortunately, markets are set up where these heavily damaged buildings are located. We have done our work on this issue, discussed the issue with our Governor and Provincial Director of Environmental Urbanism and Climate Change, and yesterday we took the necessary measures.

*We expect these heavily damaged buildings to be demolished. We will not set up a market in front of heavily damaged buildings. I think that these buildings are not demolished because there is no demolition machine in Elazig, I hope these buildings will be demolished next month.

*We will open our markets in Çatalçeşme, Bizmişen and Yemişlik regions, where TOKİ region is located.

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