From an opening speech to a displayed firmness, Macron’s multiple reversals on immigration

By Dinah Cohen

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Emmanuel Macron and Gerald Darmanin during their trip to Touho, New Caledonia, on July 25. RAPHAEL LAFARGUE/AFP

STORY – From the first months of his election, in the summer of 2017, the President of the Republic made a shift. Faced with polls at half mast, he fully invested the migratory field and hardened his tone.

When asked to summarize the president’s stance on immigration, this member of the majority lets out a long sigh. “I don’t knowhe recognizes, after six years of presidential mandate. It’s a subject on which I find it difficult to get involved because I don’t really see the direction we want to take.That says a lot, as the new immigration bill presents still blurred contours. The past positions of the Head of State do nothing to clarify the situation – he who moved to the Elysée Palace in 2017 without really dwelling on the subject.

It is indeed not in the program of candidate Macron that the ideological line is made explicit. In the 17 pages of proposals, not one mentions the term “immigration”. The pretender On the march! prefer to speak of alink” has “refound with the nation“, through a “integration» that he wishes to accelerate, while being part of a European approach. Before that, one of…

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