From Astrid and Raphaëlle to Mademoiselle Holmes, Lola Dewaere, an actress “investigates” herself

She is a hit alongside Sara Mortensen in the France 2 detective series and is preparing to play Sherlock’s heiress on TF1. Portrait.

I never imagined that I would one day find myself in the shoes of two cops at the same time. How can I tell you… It’s both terribly complicated and terribly exciting. For the simple reason that they both look like me and the challenge, for me, as an actress, is to ensure that it serves me without it being seen…”confided Lola Dewaere during the press presentation of the new TF1 series, Miss Holmes.

The fiction is very freely inspired by the creature born from the imagination of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the unalterable Sherlock Holmes. The actress plays nothing less than the great-granddaughter of the famous detective. A heroine raised in France by her grandfather after the death of her parents when she was only 5 years old and to whom only scattered memories remain as well as a certain gift for the violin.

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This explains why she asks herself many questions between more or less powerful bouts of melancholy, an unparalleled intuition, and mood disorders resolved with heavy doses of medication. It is also thanks to an interruption of her treatment that she will reveal herself… “I asked myself why I had become so instantly attached to this charactershe says.

Then I understood that his dilapidated and unfiltered side, very impulsive too, was not his only attraction. Like me with my father, she is looking for the slightest clue that could tell her about her mother. Like me, she was raised by her grandparents and carries a heavy heritage. Like me, she grew up in a family with a serious addiction problem, and she too has spent much of her life figuring out who she is. »

A liberating act

The daughter of Patrick Dewaerechild of the ball and rebel, dissipated teenager and, damn it can’t lie, gifted actress, will celebrate her 44th birthday in a few days. “Age is nothing compared to the effort made to feel a little in tune with myself”, she ures. In the city, she now officially shares the life of Gianni Giardinelli, alias Patrick in Tomorrow belongs to us .

On screen, in 2022, she agreed to be the voice of the narrator of Alexandre Moix’s feature-length documentary, Patrick Dewaere, my hero . A necessarily liberating act… His daily life? She lives it in her own way. Not very precise, not always ured, but joyful, animated by artistic commitments and happy friendships. Like the one with Sara Mortensen, who, since 2019, has played her atypical neuro duo in the France 2 series Astrid and Raphaëlle whose season 4 is a hit.

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Crossed in June at Monte-Carlo Fiction Festivalhis sidekick says about Lola Dewaere that she is“an exceptional woman” and that, if fiction represents considerable work for her in terms of acting, acting in response to her, spending time with her, constitutes an unparalleled pleasure. With their success, they have just completed filming the first part of a crossover between their series and Alexandra Ehle with Julie Depardieu.

Without knowing what this special episode will be about, we can only rejoice at the reunion of the three characters, including the daughters of two giants of French cinema, unforgettable in THE Waltzes . This season she was also seen inA confessionintimate thriller adapted from the novel by the American John Wainwright by Hélène Fillières. She was breathtakingly sensual there. The following ? Only god knows. And again… Often he is wrong.

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