From “Boomerang” to “La Grande Librairie”, Augustin Tnard, itinerary of a book defender

Augustin Tnard, in Paris, on May 1.

Augustin has just moved. This is not the enigmatic title of a French auteur film or a children’s book. Just a technical hazard that deprives us that day of meeting the presenter of “La Grande bookstore” at his home. “I’m sorry, it’s still under construction, a bit of a mess, there are boxes of clothes everywhere… and the library isn’t even finished! », he apologizes as he joins us at Babylone, the Parisian café where he meets.

Augustin Tnard has just bought some pretty stemmed gles, just opposite, at the Bon Marché. Dressed in a black and white teddy jacket flocked with a C (like Celine, the fashion house), the “gift of [son] friend for [ses] 40 years “, he puts his Marlboros (two packets a day) on the table and lets us glimpse the famous series of gles in their box with his mischievous and customary self-mockery: “I made a fix. I absolutely had to buy them to complete my collection and avoid the odd number. Eh yes ! I am obsessive and superstitious! »

These beautiful translucent gles, he obviously intended them for this new apartment, somewhere on the right bank in the 10e district, not so far from his ex-colleague of the morning of France Inter Léa Salamé. He shares it with his companion, Numa Privat, the director of a real estate agency in the Marais district with whom he has lived for four years. Parquet floors, moldings, fireplaces, signed armchairs… an XXL and Haussmann version of his former apartment on Place Dauphine. The library takes up a place there that is all the more impressive as a set of mirrors increases the effect of the historical BNF (that of the rue de Richelieu).

Mischievous nerd

These real estate premises are by no means anecdotal. Augustin Tnard has always staged, throughout his career, his various places of life, especially his libraries, the metonymic setting required for his broadcasts, “21cm”, on Canal+, at “Plumard”, on the Brut X platform. He loves receiving guests there or extracting a book or a quote to defend. He continues to do so extensively on social networks, on Instagram in particular (229,000 subscribers), TikTok (37,000 subscribers) or in the program “Book Club”, broadcast on Brut. Live, Sunday evening at 6 p.m.

He spends most of his time at home, reading the books and authors he will have to choose for “La Grande bookstore”, the literary high m of the public service which he has been presenting since September 7, 2022 (live Wednesday evening at 9 p.m. on France 5), after fourteen years of reign of François Busnel. Defending the book object, promoting reading, such is the mission that “Saint Augustin”, as Michel Denisot affectionately calls him, who saw him “to be born” on Canal+, was given. For a long time, and by all available means of dissemination.

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