from César to Kerouac, eight famous men to rediscover

from César to Kerouac, eight famous men to rediscover

From the Ottoman Empire to the borders of America, from the Olympic Games to African rites, they have left their mark on our collective memory: discover eight remarkable men through this quiz inspired by Memorable. You will then be able to expand your knowledge and stimulate your memory thanks to this playful general culture application, produced by the journalists of the World. Each lesson, dedicated to a particular topic, offers excerpts from articles from our archives, short videos and questions. It’s up to you to answer them, then discover the corrections, immediate and personalized, and in-depth articles. Before broaden your general knowledge with Memorable (free trial), have fun:

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Cultivate simply, effectively and with pleasure! With our Le Monde Mémorable application, a subject is sent four days a week to your computer, smartphone or tablet. As soon as you send your answers to the questions, you discover your score and your personalized correction. And you can go further thanks to a selection of articles from Le Monde – including articles usually reserved for subscribers to the newspaper. The following topics begin with reviews of concepts that you did not know, in order to memorize them gradually. A week of testing is offered, without obligation.

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