From Raymond Devos to Pierre Palmade and Muriel Robin… a restless evening in Paris

By Nathalie Simon



Alex Lutz and Muriel Robin were the kings of the tribute paid to Raymond Devos Nathalie Simon/Le Figaro

WE WERE THERE – Monday evening, the Edward VII theater paid tribute to the comedian for the centenary of his birth. Culture Minister Rima Abdul Malak canceled her visit at the last minute due to “events”. Muriel Robin and Alex Lutz received a prize for their action in favor of the French language. The first came out of its silence about Palmade.

Miss France 2023 Indira Ampiot arrived in Place Edouard VII wearing her royal scarf. Her “courtasked in which line she had to wait to enter the Parisian theater and helped her put on her coat. Two tails snaked in parallel for several meters in alphabetical order. Patrice Leconte headed for the shortest. “Mr. Leconte, a photo?asked a photographer, brandishing his camera. “I don’t want to leave my place“replied the director of tanned who let himself be immortalized without flinching.

This Monday evening, Daniel Benoin director of the Anthéa theater in Antibes, Pascal Legros patron of Edouard VII and the foundation Raymond Devos had planned to salute the memory of the comedian who died in November 2022 with a show of actors responsible for saying his texts. “Please note that the doors close at 8:15 p.m.“had warned the organizers. Wasted effort. The public parked until 8:30 p.m.

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At the entrance to the theater, a blue bracelet was distributed to VIPs to join the buffet at the end of the show. Miss France placed in the hall forgot to smile. Leconte rushed to press secretary Nicole Sonneville to get her ticket. On the stairs leading to the room, Muriel Robin, his wife Anne Le Nen, Hippolyte Girardot, Nagui and his wife met…

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Seated side by side, Sophie Davant and William Leymergie were talking, Anny Duperey did not seem to recognize Régis Lapaslès installed very close to her, Bruno Debrandt, the hero of the Cain series came alone, Danièle Thompson was looking for friends in the room, Dominique Segall, press officer for stars greeted a couple of friends and Jacqueline Franjou, the manager of the Ramatuelle theater festival (Var).

The Minister of Culture will not come“, whispered a relative at 8:22 p.m. “She canceled her visit because of the events“Lamented another. Rima Abdul Malak had taken care to send a representative that the magician Eric Antoine hastened to tease. “Top, replacement, you have to plug the holes!launched an usher into her mobile phone. Ranks have closed.

On stage, eyes riveted on a manuscript, eight actors including Daniel Benoin the director, followed one another to read the words of the brilliant Raymond Devos. Red nose and matching bow tie, Patrick Chesnais, François Berléand -very well in the sketch of The dismounted sea-, Christophe Alévêque, Stéphane Guillon, Sylvie Testud, Zabou Breitman, Michel Boujenah was the only one to play The Thinker of Devos.

Catherine Doltot, president of the Raymond Devos foundation, the representative of the Minister of Culture awarded Muriel Robin and Alex Lutz a prize for their action in favor of the French language. In a cream suit, thesisterby Pierre Palmade had confided that she had stage fright. “You’re not all against me though!“. She hesitated as she read the speech she had prepared, asked Alex Lutz for help before taking the page back from him.

I agree with what Raymond Devos says, observed Muriel Robin, we can laugh at everything, laughter defuses things… “, she breathed. We could not not think of Pierre Palmade indicted for manslaughter. Moreover, a few minutes later, his thirty-five-year-old friend spoke officially for the first time in front of cameras since the accident he caused on February 10. She claimed that she thought “basicallyto the victims and wished that the “justice will do what it takes“.

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