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Release: 08 September 2023

Police-Tolga Şardan, one of the master names of courthouse journalism. He brought up a very important investigation with two articles published on the T-24 news site.

In the investigation carried out by the inspectors of the Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSK), the former prosecutor who tried terrorism crimes Izmir Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor Okan Batoof, “FETO Stock Exchange” within the scope of the formation defined as Allegations that he benefited from some wealthy individuals accused of FETO through a relative were investigated.

As a result of the evaluation of the report by the HSK 2nd Chamber The decision to change the place of duty was made for Prosecutor Bato with 4 votes to 2. Two members who did not agree with this opinion expressed the opinion that he should be dismissed from the profession.

Investigators took statements from many people during the investigation process. One of these is the place of duty of prosecutor Bato. Metehan Kavuk, one of the partners of Kavuklar Company operating in Izmir.


He said the following in his statement:

“After my release, our former subcontractor Fatih Özkan The person named told me that I would be arrested again. I was surprised and asked why he thought so. He said that the person named Çağrı, who is Okan Bato’s nephew, reached him through an intermediary and that the person who was the intermediary wanted to meet with me. I agreed to meet with the intermediary, whose name I do not want to give.


Fatih Özkan and the vehicle whose name I do not want to give came to my house. The intermediary said that Çağrı named person was Okan Bato’s nephew and summer neighbor, that investigations could be closed if it was agreed with Çağrı named person, that many files had been closed before. Even on the weekend Çağrı will meet with Okan Bato at the summer house., He said that if I gave 5 million dollars, the case would be closed.. I thanked him, saying that I couldn’t give him that money in one penny. When I asked what would happen if the money was not given; Çağrı: ‘Metehan will suffer the consequences of this’ They conveyed what he said.


After this meeting, I asked my relative, who has a summer house in Kuşadası, where Okan Bato’s summer house is, to observe whether there will be such a meeting at the weekend, in order to find out whether the person named Çağrı really has a relationship with Okan Bato as mentioned. Indeed, that weekend, Okan Bato went to the summer house and met with a person named Çağrı. After learning this, I became even more worried. Two days later, I learned that there was a warrant for my arrest again.. I came to the courthouse and surrendered on my own, I think that the re-arrest warrant was due to my failure to pay the requested money. (…)”


Bato, who found an increase in his ets that could not be explained by savings from his salary, stated that his wife’s father was very wealthy and that the increase in question was due to the wealth of his father-in-law, and denied the accusations.

The prosecutor’s file was sent to the Supreme Court for trial.


I read this striking news with sadness.

Because If FETÖ succeeds in the treacherous attempt on July 15, Prosecutor Okan Bato and his friends were among those to be executed that very night!..

Because FETO planned to carry out the coup on November 1, not on the night of July 15, but After Okan Bato sent the list of detentions of FETO members in the Turkish Armed Forces to the General Staff, the attempt was hastily brought forward to 03:00 on the night of July 15, 2016, and then further!..

Thus, the name Okan Bato entered the history of Turkish judiciary. “The Public Prosecutor who prevented the FETO coup” It was ped as.


PKK terrorists 5 January 2017′Macre attempt against judges, prosecutors and staff at the Izmir Courthouse, martyr police officer Fethi Sekin had not been stopped by the terrorists, the terrorists would have targeted Okan Bato, the Deputy Attorney General of Terrorism, and his colleagues.


In addition, he was among the names that were “meme” during the period when HSYK was under FETO rule. He was prosecuted by an inspector after he went after the FETO commanders who prepared false evidence for the plots of the Military Espionage and Prostitution Case in Izmir and filed the officers.

But he did not give up and carried out very successful FETO and PKK operations together with his prosecutor friends.


From where to where?

From the heroic Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the fight against all kinds of terrorist organizations, especially FETO and PKK, to the allegations of FETO stockbroking…

I hope he is cleared.

Because can money, no matter how much, buy the honor of going down in history as a “hero prosecutor”?

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