Fuel allowance: “only” 3 million people have applied for this aid

The fuel allowance has been claimed by “only” 3 million people to date, Bruno Le Maire said on Tuesday on Europe 1. This bonus, limited to earned income, with a ceiling set at 14,700 euros of reference tax income (RFR) per tax share, nevertheless concerns 10 million potential beneficiaries in France.

“Seven million can still ask for it, said the Minister of the Economy. The system is extremely simple, I have had no negative feedback from those who have gone to register on the site of the General Directorate of Public Finances, but there are people who do not come to seek this help, I tell them to ‘going to do it is a support for purchasing power,’ insisted the minister.

All types of vehicles concerned

Called “worker fuel allowance”, this bonus paid in one go, to which half of French tax households will claim in 2023, came into force on Monday 16 January.

It applies to any type of vehicle, including two-wheelers and electric vehicles. It represents an envelope of around one billion euros, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne detailed last month.

Set up until February 28, this system allows, by sending a form, to obtain a transfer of 100 euros to his bank account from January 27 for the first files processed by the tax services.

10 cents per liter of fuel

The government has insisted on the ease of the process, which simply requires you to register online, via a form on the site impots.gouv.frhis marital status, the registration of his vehicle and his tax number.

An aid system which “equivalent to a discount of 10 cents per liter of fuel on the basis of 12,000 kilometers per year traveled on average for business trips”, had boasted Gabriel Attal during the presentation of this measure in a center Nice taxes.

The fuel allowance replaces the general rebate on fuel taxation, which expired at the end of December and will have cost the State 8 billion euros in 2022.

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