Fuels: prices remain stable at the pump

Fuels: prices remain stable at the pump

At least prices that do not move – almost – not. While on the shelves, the prices are gone to gradually fly awayfollowing the agreements concluded between large retailers and the food industry, at the pump, motorists can take a breather.

According to the latest government figures published on Monday March 7, a liter of diesel cost an average of 1.81 euros last week, like the previous week. SP 95-E10, the best-selling gasoline in France, fell very slightly, by 1 cent, from 1.87 euros to 1.86.

But who says average, says lower prices and, inevitably, higher prices. It is not uncommon to find service stations that offer prices exceeding 2 euros per litre, on the motorway or around Paris in particular. One thing is certain: TotalEnergies stations are not concerned.

The oil group, which recorded record profits, has pledged to block its prices at 1.99 euros. Thus, in Seine-Saint-Denis for example, if 19 stations display the SP 95-E10 at 2 euros at least, 10 TotalEnergies stations remain blocked at 1.99 euro. Do not look for other promotions at this time: there are none. Leclerc did offer fuel at cost price, but the offer ended this sunday.

Don’t forget the fuel allowance

On the other hand, the boost from the government intended for the most modest motorists is still running. Taxpayers can request compensation of 100 euros until the end of March. To be entitled to it, a single person must have earned less than 1,314 euros net per month in 2021, i.e. the net monthly minimum wage for 35 hours and up to 5,255 euros net per month for a couple with three children. Since the allowance is paid per individual – and not per household – each member of a couple who uses their own vehicle to get to work can apply for it. Between 7 and 8 million people are eligible.

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