furious, Marlène Schiappa threatens to leave the set of “C tonight” on France 5

furious, Marlène Schiappa threatens to leave the set of “C tonight” on France 5

Andréa Bescond and Marlène Schiappa in “C ce soir” France 5 screenshot

Taken to task by the author and director Andréa Bescond, the Secretary of State in charge of the Social and Solidarity Economy is out of her hinges.

Wednesday evening on France 5, Karim Rissouli received several guests in “C tonight” for a debate dedicated to the fight against feminicides with the issue: why is France not getting there? Among them, Marlene Schiappa lent herself to discussions on the sidelines of the release of her book entitled Just a little slap (Observatory editions). Very politically involved in this subject since 2017, the Secretary of State for the Social and Solidarity Economy spoke about the work accomplished in recent years. “I don’t leave defeatist otherwise I stay at home and do nothing. I have been involved in this subject since the age of 15 because I believe that we can improve things”she pointed out before being taken up ironically by Andrea Bescond. “We will give you a medal”cut the author and director.

Very committed to the fight against violence against women and children, Andréa Bescond gradually expressed her anger against the government. “Don’t be rude, a little sisterhood can’t hurt. You don’t have to support me, but don’t be rude.”replied Marlène Schiappa. “We are not going to talk about sorority with you madam”, returned his interlocutor, like a door slammed in the face. The tone rose a few minutes from the end of the show. “You, the political system, do nothing against the impunity of the aggressors. There are 94,000 rape complaints for less than 1,000 convictions”, reproached the director to Marlène Schiappa. An accusation that immediately annoyed the Secretary of State. “I can’t hear that we are not doing anything, we have done everything since 2017 to make sure that this changes”she replied, nevertheless accepting the criticism.

“I am ashamed for you”

“There are women who are raped every day. Every 7 minutes there is an attempted rape, 18 children raped every hour, a woman who dies every two daysdetailed Andréa Bescond. I’m telling you obviously, in your place, I wouldn’t be all relaxed putting out a book. I’m ashamed for you…” Exasperated, the Secretary of State did not want to hear more. “I just find it shameful, I’m not going to stay on this set “Reacted Marlène Schiappa before getting up. While Karim Rissouli tried to dissuade hershe got carried away. ” There is no you stay there ! Tell me that I discover sexual violence, but shit! »she exclaimed, banging on the table and asking to cut this sequence in the editing. “I have someone in my family who was killed by gunshots, by feminicide! It’s too easy, Andrea, to do what you’re doing. You are telling me, eye to eye, that I don’t know about violence against women, it’s lunar. The debate is over. » Andréa Bescond took care to have the last word: “We must assume, there is such incompetence that we must resign”.

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