Gabriel Attal wants internships for second year students in order to “reconquer” the month of June

Published on Sep 15, 2023 at 8:54 am

The school year has just started but the government is already ahead in the month of June, particularly for second year students. He is considering sending them on training from mid-June. After the announcement of the postponement of the baccalaureate specialty tests from March to June , high schools will naturally empty out at the end of the year, due to exams. The executive does not want to give the image of second year high school students who would be on vacation at the beginning of June.

” We must reclaim the month of June for students who do not take tests at the end of the year,” Emmanuel Macron indicated last month to “Point”. “We must regain the entire third quarter,” added the Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal, during his back-to-school conference. There will be “time available for second-year students which will have to be used for orientation and discovery of careers,” he said.

“New experiences”

A draft circular provides for a period of fifteen days of internship which could be compulsory and concern internships in companies, in ociations or even a stay within the framework of the universal national service . Gabriel Attal ured that the reconquest of June would allow “new learning” and “a form of additional commitment”, with “obviously the SNU” and “new experiences for which we will need the mobilization of all”.

“Who will take care of these internships?” asks Bruno Bobkiewicz, head of the main union of school heads, SNPDEN-Unsa. In June, there will be the written specialty tests, the grand oral, the philosophy test, and “no teachers available”, because the teachers will be busy with the exams.

“And if it is not the high school which regulates this, it will be in the hands of the parents and the students, we will therefore re-fabricate a system of social reproduction, as for the 3rd year internship, with such and such a student going to the kebab and such in a law firm,” says Cédric Carraro, principal (SNPDEN) of a vocational high school in Paris.

His colleague Laurence Collin, from the same union, is concerned about the internships for professional high school students, CAP and BTS which are already organized in June. “Professional high school students risk being in competition with general high school students in companies,” she fears.

“We will find them in skewers of five in all the supermarket aisles,” predicts Bruno Bobkiewicz, referring to the 550,000 second-year students.

Discussions with unions

The SNU should appear among the proposals to occupy second year high school students from mid-June. But reception capacities are limited to 30,000. “How coherent is all this?” asks Catherine Nave-Bekhti, general secretary of Sgen-CFDT. Do we want to give back school time? In which case, the answer cannot be that of the SNU. »

A good connoisseur of the file is betting on the fact that there will ultimately be no generalization of these courses from next June.

For the moment, the Ministry of National Education has indicated that it is “too early” to move forward on this issue of internships for second-year students “which must still be negotiated and discussed with the unions.”

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