Gaël Monfils, beaten at the start of Lyon: “Finding the patience I had”

When I get broken (at 4-4 in the third set), there is a rush, I miss two or three forehands, I have to do better. I want to win the point more quickly, but I have to be more solid, accept to play cross, and accept the rally instead of starting along the line and giving him the break.

“I want to do well, to find a good level of play. I really got into it”

The training reures me. Every day, I do good sessions, I feel better, I move better, I have a little more confidence in my movements. In the first set, there are good things. Three sets is already better than taking two sets. But we can always do better.

(What his new coaches bring him) All ! The physical part, to get back on my feet better, to accept the exchanges, to go less too quickly to the fault and to the winning point, to find this patience that I had when I felt good physically, to be able to continue point after point, to be able to recover well between points, to feel strong and to feel that I am making the court smaller for the opponent. I want to do well, to get back to a good level of play. Win or lose in the end… I really got into it today (Tuesday) And that should be done every week. »

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