Garbage collectors’ strike in Paris: the State prepares the requisitions

Garbage collectors’ strike in Paris: the State prepares the requisitions

The ball is now in the State’s court as the garbage cans pile up in the streets of the capital with the strike of the Parisian garbage collectors . After announcing the evening before to the socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo his decision to requisition garbage collectors to pick up the trash, Laurent Nuñez, the prefect of police, wanted to be inflexible this Thursday afternoon before the Council of Paris.

“I will not renounce this requisition. We are working on it, ”he replied to Nicolas Bonnet-Oulaldj, the president of the communist group, who had questioned him on the subject.

“Risk of falling, fire”

On the 11th day of the social movement started by Parisian garbage collectors against pension reform , the State representative mentioned “a significant health risk”. “We see rats appear. There are risks of falling, of fire, ”he justified, sitting next to Anne Hidalgo in solidarity with the strikers and who had opposed an end of inadmissibility to her request to proceed herself to requisitions.

Thursday morning, 9,400 tonnes of rubbish had not been collected, according to figures provided by the town hall.

4,000 officers

Constrained by law, the City had sent the morning to the prefect of police “the list of 4,000 cleanliness agents who are requisitionable”, says one at the Hôtel-de-Ville. These are all the city’s agents assigned to cleaning public roads and collecting waste. “We will obviously, as is customary, ensure the reconciliation of the right to strike, by requisitioning only for what is necessary (…), and compliance with the rules aimed at the proper maintenance of public health “, assured Laurent Nuñez, before taking his order.

He can expect stiff resistance. Even before the announcement of the requisitions, Frédéric Souillot, the secretary general of FO, had warned Wednesday evening on BFMTV that “we will go to urgent proceedings hour by hour to attack the requisitions”.

The police had also intervened a little earlier in the day in Vitry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne) to unblock a dumpster depot managed by Pizzorno Environnement, which collects garbage from the 15th arrondis*****t of Paris. notably. An action following a decision Wednesday of the court of Créteil which had been seized by the company.

“This forced passage of the police today is an illustration of Macron’s forced passage with this law”, declared to the press the MEP for La France insoumise Manon Aubry, who was present on the spot.

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