Garbage collectors’ strike: increased fires, proliferation of rats… The prefect of police warns Anne Hidalgo

Garbage collectors’ strike: increased fires, proliferation of rats… The prefect of police warns Anne Hidalgo

The mail has just been sent this Wednesday noon by Laurent Nuñez to Anne Hidalgo. the prefect of police, as requested by Gérald Darmanin on Tuesday evening, officially enjoins the mayor (PS) of Paris to rid the capital of the garbage cans that litter the streets. For more than a week now, municipal garbage collectors have been on strike to protest against the pension reform. Results, over 7,000 tons of waste accumulate in the streets where the latter are in charge of the collection. A worrying situation, according to the representative of the State.

“The concentration of rubbish, especially food, in certain streets of Paris, puts the population at risk, in that it hinders the safe movement of pedestrians, in particular that of people with reduced mobility, poses a hygiene problem public and promotes the proliferation of rats, vectors of diseases transmissible to humans, ”writes Laurent Nuñez in the missive that Le Parisien has obtained.

To support his words, the prefect of police takes a very specific example. “This piling up promotes the risk of fires, as the Paris fire brigade was able to observe on the night of March 13 to 14 in the 16th arrondis*****t with the start of 8 to 9 fires between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m., situation which she describes as very unusual,” he argues.

For these reasons, faced with the measures taken by the City of Paris so far, which do not seem to him “of a nature to prevent risks for the population, if the strike were to take hold over time”, Laurent Nuñez therefore asks to Anne Hidalgo to kindly take “more appropriate and strong measures, in particular by resorting to requisition”.

Little chance, however, that the mayor of Paris responds positively to this request. The elected socialist has already spoken on this subject. Supporting the movement, she does not intend to go against the strikers. His deputies have also largely swept away this possibility.

So Laurent Nuñez, in his mail, warns. In the absence of any intervention, “I reserve the possibility of intervening directly by substitution. In this case, I would thank you for providing me with the list of agents under your authority that I will be required to requisition. “No deadline is however given by the prefect of police in his missive.

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