Gareth Southgate after England’s win over Iran: ‘Without concentration, we won’t be able to go far’

Gareth Southgate (England manager, winner of Iran 6-2 on the first day of the World Cup) : “We are very happy to start like this and especially with our attacking game. We know it’s hard to score against Iran, so really all the credit goes to the players, the quality of their movement and their finishing.

But I didn’t like the end of the match and the way we took the two goals. It was unworthy of our level. It will be necessary to be better than today (Monday) against the United States (Friday), who will try to take us by the throat. We will have to refocus because I don’t like when a match escapes us. There was a lot of additional time and I understand that the concentration can weaken, but without concentration, we will not be able to go far […] It’s a very good start and a good base to build on, but we have to be better if we want to go far. »

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