Gary Lineker denounces an immigration bill by comparing it to “Nazi Germany”

Gary Lineker denounces an immigration bill by comparing it to “Nazi Germany”

Former Three Lions player and BBC personality Gary Lineker was outspoken in denouncing British Home Secretary Stella Bravermann’s illegal immigration bill. ” It’s just an absolutely cruel policy directed at the most vulnerable people in language no different from that used by Germany in the 1930s. “, he wrote on his Twitter account on Tuesday March 7.

The Illegal Immigration Bill introduced by the British government plans to prevent migrants arriving through the English Channel from seeking asylum and deporting them “in a few weeks”. To promote this project, the Minister notably staged herself in a video where she explains: ” Last year, more than 45,000 people made a dangerous, unnecessary and illegal trip across the English Channel. Our asylum system has been overwhelmed. We now spend £7 million a day on hotels. She assures that stopping crossings is one of her priorities.

The terms used by the former striker offended Downing Street, who judges them unacceptable. The BBC, which has strict guidelines on impartiality, announced that a ” frank conversation was going to be held with the public television presenter. Lineker does not seem to want to be silent and let it be known on Wednesday March 8 that he was going to continue to speak out for those poor souls who have no voice. »

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