Gasoline readjustment is already passed on to consumers at Porto Alegre gas stations

Petrobras announced this Tuesday (24) a 7.5% increase in gasoline prices for distributors. The average selling price went from R$3.08 to R$3.31 per liter, generating an increase of R$0.23. This was the first fuel increase in the Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) government. The last time Petrobras changed the price of gasoline was in early December, with a cut of 6.1%.

The readjustment came into effect this Wednesday (25) and anyone who circulated through the Porto Alegre gas stations has already found the new values. At a gas station located on Avenida Ipiranga, on the corner of Erico Verissimo, regular gasoline costs R$4.99. On Avenida João Pessoa and Venâncio Aires, the price of the same fuel reaches R$5.19.

According to the president of the Intermunicipal Trade Union for Retail Fuels and Lubricants of Rio Grande do Sul (Sulpetro), João Carlos Dal’Aqua, the owners of the gas stations were also taken by surprise with the increase. “The scenario even signaled some change, this lack of definition in government policy already made us insecure, but fatally most of the stations were surprised and found themselves with low stocks. As of yesterday (Tuesday), we were no longer able to buy from distributors and today we have already been charged the new price”, explained the president.

According to the president of Sulpetro, the stability of values ​​will depend on the policies that the government will implement at Petrobras after the change in its direction. During the week, according to Dal’Aqua, consumers will already be able to see the new amounts being charged.

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