Gaucho bench decides this Tuesday new coordinator in the National Congress

Gaucho bench decides this Tuesday new coordinator in the National Congress

Renovation of the Rio Grande do Sul representation in Brasília: after eight years, federal deputy Giovani Cherini (PL) will leave the position of coordinator of the Rio Grande do Sul group in the National Congress. This Tuesday (7), the State’s parliamentarians in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Federal Senate will choose a new leader for the bench.

The election takes place at 5 pm in Plenary 13 of Annex 2 of the Federal Chamber. In dispute, there are two names and a proposal. Federal deputies Carlos Gomes (REP) and Marcon (PT) presented their candidacies. There is also the possibility of a rotation between the four largest benches during the legislature.

Cherini confirmed to the report that he will not present his name for the election of the new coordinator. After two consecutive terms in office, he believes it is time for renewal. “I’m leaving. I’ve already won the eight years. I did my job, shared everything I could with senators and deputies. I don’t think anyone can say I didn’t do the best. I was always elected unanimously. I fulfilled my mission by bringing R$ 1, 6 billion for the State in these eight years”, said the deputy.

Therefore, Carlos Gomes, who should concentrate the votes of deputies ideologically more to the right, and Marcon, who will have the support of parliamentarians linked to the left, are competing.

There is still a proposal to rotate the leadership of the gaucho bench, where the four parties with the most seats would indicate a leader per year for the legislature. For the proposal to materialize, however, it would be necessary to change the statute of the bench – something that can only be done with a minimum quorum of 24 (out of 31) deputies and two (out of three) senators from RS.

“There is a criterion, which I defend, which is for us to have a turn with the biggest benches. Today, the biggest one is the PT, which would indicate for the first year. The second largest bench (PL) would indicate for the second”, ” explained Deputy Afonso Hamm (PP). “Cherini played a good time because he was driving well. We understood that he was very dedicated and it was important. Now is a new moment.”

Particularly, Cherini does not agree with the leadership relay. He is part of the group of parliamentarians who defend Carlos Gomes as the next leader of the Rio Grande do Sul bench. “I think the relay makes it difficult because there are many projects that take two years. There will be many leaders who will not be able to deliver anything. And the smaller groups? Will they never be leaders?”, questioned the parliamentarian.

“I’ve always been in favor of being like the presidency of the Chamber (of Deputies), in which any congressman can run. The election is annual. Every year it can change. If it’s good, it continues. If it’s not, it changes. The agreement will exclude the smallest benches, which are the majority”, protested the current leader of the Gauchos in the national Legislative.

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